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Thailand Fruits

Thai fruits - including mangoes, mangosteens, clurians, pineapples, watermelons, papayas, rambutans, longans, lyches, tamarinds, pomegranates, palm fruits, oranges, pomeloes, jackfruits and more than 20 kinds of bananas - are available all year round.

From January to April, grapes, jackfruits, java apples, tangerines, watermelons and pomegranates are in season. Next come mangoes, lyches, pineapples, clurians and mangosteens.

From July on, longans will ripen, and also langsats, jujubes, passionfruits, pomeloes, rambutans, sugar apples and again tangerines, grapes, watermelons, bananas, coconuts, guavas and papayas are available thoughout the year.

Some harvests are celebrated in style, with colourful festivals, sometimes featuring a pageant of local beauties.

• In early April,the Paet Riu Mango Festival is organized in Chachoengsao. Probably the most popular and typical of Thai fruits, the mango deserves this honour.

• In May, Songkhla promotes its fruits with a bazaar, fruit carving demonstrations and a Miss Southern Thailand Pageant.

• In June, Chanthaburi exhibits delicious provincial fruits, including the king of them all, the exquisitely delicious durian.

• In September,to honour pomeloes, a fruit and floral float procession is held in Nakhon Pathom, near Bangkok.

Durian :
It's an oval, spiny and thorny shaped fruit, grown only in this part of the world. Known for its unpleasant odor yet it's consider the king of fruits. The sweet creamy texture make it irresistible to your taste buds. Health conscious people seek it for its energy preserving elements.
Season : May to July

Mangosteen (Mang Kut) :
Gently cut about 0.5 inch deep around the middle. Remove the top portion & you will find the pure white flesh underneath the thick skin.
Season : June to October.

Roseapple (Chom Pu) :
With the different varieties of Rose Apple ; some have bright green skin some have pink skin. They are different in sizes ,although they all have white interior & the same flavor. cut in half-remove seeds. Add sugar & salt to bring out the flavor.
Season : March to May

Rambutan (Ngoh) :
This kind of fruit with a hairy red rubbery shell is very well know in Thailand & other Asian countries. The flavored meat is a must to try . Slightly cut round the middle with a knife to remove shell and then cut the meat to remove the seed.
Season : May to July.

Pineapple (Sup Pa Rot) :
Pineapple is very rich in flavor & vitamin C . You will find the taste of Phuket pineapple is special-meat is pale in color, a lot more crispy, Not to juice or sweet, How-ever, you will enjoy the difference with a pinch of salt to smooth the taste. The only pineapple where you can eat the core.
Season : all year round.

Papaya (Ma Ra Kor) :
Refreshing & very rich in Flavor. Try a slice of ripe papaya with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. You can also eat unripe papaya as Thai salad with a lot of ingredients.
Season : All year round.

Lychee :
Peel a way the reddish skin with your thumb nail & let the sweet & sour taste of the fruit dry up your thirst. Watch out for the stone.
Season : April to May

Longon :
The dark brown & very thin shell is easily cracked by a squeeze between thumb & forefinger. Every bite of translucent meat is delightful with sweet taste & juice. Watch out for the hard stone. Grown in the North of Thailand.
Season : May to July

Coconut (Ma Prow) :
With a straw you can sip straight from the shell the natural & healthy fresh fruit juice. Then scrape out with a spoon the soft white flesh from inside the shell. You may need an expert to open the coconut for you. There's an art to making a hole in the top portion of the fruit with a hatchet to get the juice & flesh.

Season : all year round.

Custard Apple (Noi Na) :
With the help of both hands, gently squeeze to open the fruit & enjoy the very soft & sweet taste of the meat with a spoon Watch out for the seed in every particle.
Season : June to August.


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