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Phuket Shopping
When you are in Phuket, you have no need to go to Bangkok just to buy some quality goods and souvenirs. There is a big choice of things to buy in Phuket, What you should buy depends upon your taste, interest and needs.

Where to go Shopping

The Central Festival Phuket
is the largest one-stop shopping, food and entertainment complex in the South of Thailand. Combining a world class department store, 7 of the best movie theaters , specialized superstores and more than 150 other stores, selling everything from Thai local products to international products. more info click here!

Night market
Shopping in the heart of Patong at the night markets is a case of what you see is what you get. Everything available lines the streets in brightly-lit stalls as far as the eye can see. The night market offers products such as handicrafts, silk scarves, sarongs and other beach and leisure wear, leather goods and luggage, CD's, computer games and electronic gadgets and toys. The main night market is easily found, extending all the way down the beach road and into small secondary soi (lanes) on all nights of the week. Along Raj-Uthid Road, there is another market that sets up 2-3 nights a week, usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays which includes in its merchandise -- , funky shoes and clothes, Thai sweets, orchids, ornaments and hair accessories. Set-up time is usually around 6-7pm until late late late.

During the day, much of the merchandise available at the night markets can be bought from stalls and small shops in the area of beach road that are open day and night. Such shops don't usually open until late morning - around 11.00am.

A host of small shops selling souvenirs and in Patong, as do tailor shops, jewelry stores, and many more.

Patong also has 3 department stores where all the essential items can be bought. Ocean Department Store has 2 branches, one in Soi Bangla, and the other on the beach road past the Holiday Inn. Big 1 Supermarkets are found in the basement of each, selling toiletries, bakery items, fresh fruit and vegetables and snacks. Patong Shopping Centre is also on the beach road near Molly Malones and KFC. on the top floor is Tower Records, offering a good selection of contemporary local and imported music.

Travelling along Raj-Uthid Road heading out of Patong towards Karon and Kata Beach, is a selection of furniture stores on the right, and painting and artifact shops on the left.

For the variety of Asian and Thai food, fruits, and desserts you cannot do better than the Night Market. Most dishes are 20-30 baht so you can sample a large variety items. A complete dinner for two with a main course of either noodles or rice, fruit, a drink, and dessert would cost less than 150 baht. This is the food the average working person in Thailand eats.

The phuket market It is a good place to try the Khao Mok Khai roasted chicken on a bed of saffron rice, mixed with ginger which has been fried lightly to make it crispy (20 baht). Look for Look Chin (Thai meatballs). Try a variety of Satays grilled beef pork chicken or seafood on a stick. A Thai favorite fast food Kuay Tiew Moo yellow wheat noodles in a soup stock with roast pork and chopped chives.

What to Buy

As one of Phuket's best buys, cultured pearls offered here are both in good quality and large in quantity. They are available either individually, as a strand or as part of a piece of ornament. The Japanese people, the pioneer of pearl culture, were the first to set up a farm to culture pearls in Thailand on Naga Noi island off Phuket some 20 years ago. Since then, many pearl farms run by Thais have been established on islands around Phuket.

Gems & Jewelry
Thailand became a new leader in the world of gems and jewelry in the 1980's. Phuket is also an ideal place where you can find a large supply of gems and jewelry in various designs. Jewelry shops are found mainly in Phuket town and at Patong beach. Thai jewellers are famous for both their skills and low cost of labour, and custom-made jewelry is available in every jewelry shop. The best buys are items made with local gems like rubies and sapphires.
Thai silk produced in the north and northeast is well known all over the world. It is readily obtainable in Phuket at prices comparable to those in Bangkok and other cities, making it unnecessary to go and buy it at its places of origin.
Batik cloth of Phuket is unique in its brilliant colours and distinctive designs inspired by the natural surroundings, the sea and marine lives. Besides cloth, there are several types of batik products, for example, shirts, sarongs, skirts, bags and handkerchiefs. They are available at many stores around Patong and Phuket town.
Silver Nielloware

Phuket is one of the Thai cities where nielloware is produced on a commercial scale. Thai nielloware is very attractive in appearance and very durable because the niello alloy is fused, and not just welded, to the silver object.

Sea Shells
Seashells are made into ornaments and gift items, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, mobiles, lampshades, photo frames, etc. These, together with other marine products, are among the most popular souvenirs.
Handmade ceramic products of Ceramics of Phuket on Wichitsongkram Road are highly recommended as one of the most memorable souvenirs. The high quality native clay has been chosen to make elegantly designed hotel supplies, household articles, kitchenware and decorative items. Every piece is created to maintain both uniqueness in design and suitability in function.
Ceramics of Phuket was started by two sisters who became fascinated with the magic of glaze and design. Their factory supplies many of the better hotels on the island with specialty custom ceramics for the dining room. Their ceramics capture the deep greens and blues of the surrounding marine environment. The studio is constantly expanding, creating new patterns of dining ware, custom tiles and most recently, ceramic murals of Thai cultural legends.

Also popular as gift items are the beautiful Bencharong , the richly coloured lidded porcelain pots that derive from 16th-century Chinese art. These makes fine centre pieces for dining tables and entrance halls, with sizes to suit all. A number of shops on the islands offer these items for sale at various prices according to size and perceived value. Robinsons Department Store in Phuket Town offers a small and inexpensive selection in their Thai Handicraft section.

Other Products to look for!
Thailand's high-quality bronzeware has long been a favorite item for visiting shoppers. Produced by traditional techniques yet employing a number of modern innovations like a silicon coat to prevent tarnishing, this craft is employed on bowls and cutlery guaranteed to provoke admiration at a dinner party back home, as well as on large, striking figures such as animals, ideal for home decorations.

Other good buys include leatherware, pewterware, clothing, and a wide variety of crafts and souvenirs.

The shopping areas are mostly on Ratsada Road, Montri Road, Yaowarat Road, Phang-nga Road, Thalang Road in town, on Thepkasattri Road north of town, and in Patong, Kata and Karon beaches.

The island of Phuket features an astonishing variety of Thai handicrafts , many of which are created by craftsmen whose skills have been handed down for generations. Come see for yourself what is on offer.

Thai woodcarft, especially wood carving, is world famous for its craftsmanship together with is intricate and elaborate designs.

Thai Style Antiques
Phuket has become an international showcase for rare religious images and unusual furniture from around Southeast Asia.

The Banyan Tree Galleries at each of the Laguna Phuket resorts feature a world of beautiful items including ceramics made on Phuket, silk and cotton textiles from all regions of the country, the Banyan Tree product line of massage, aromatic oils and incense, and objets d'art as sandstone Khmer figures and elephants, in many sizes, made from either wood, stone or metal.

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