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Phuket Attractions

It's surprising how so many holiday makers who are trying to get away from it all soon get bored with that dreamy combination of a perfect beach, a comfortable hotel room and great food. After a few days most people want more. They want to go places, to see how the local people live, and to experience new things. Happily, with Phuket being a large island, about 50 kilometres long, there are all sorts of interesting things to do here. Below we offer some suggestions.

Phuket Aquarium
More than one-hundred species of sea life are on display at the aquarium, many of them taken from the waters around Phuket. Open daily, 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m., the aquarium is located at Cape Panwa, on the island's extreme southeast; admission is 5 baht for children and 20 baht for adults. A Songtaew (local bus) can be taken from the Talad Soht, or Fresh Market.
phuket aquarium
Phuket Zoo
Phuket’s only zoo is small, but pleasant, displaying some of Thailand’s almost vanished wildlife. Their tigers are fed well enough that one can sit with them and have a photo taken. We recommend going early, or late, to avoid the tour buses that arrive mid morning and mid afternoon. It is in a small road off the east side of Chao Fah Road, about half way between the town and Chalong s 5-way intersection. The turnoff is well signposted and easy to find.
phuket zoo
Phuket Butterfly Garden
Colourful, tropical butterflies in their thousands float through this huge aviary. The miniature jungle is planted to resemble their natural habitat, with the plants they like the best. It’s an interesting experience. They also have an aquarium with 100s of species of coral reef fish, making this even more worthwhile visiting. The farm is located just outside Phuket town, on the northern side, and is quite difficult to find by oneself. Tuk tuk drivers will know how to get there.
phuket butterfly garden
Crocodile Farm
In additions to crocodiles there are elephants, birds, reptiles and monkeys. Chana Charoen Road . Open daily 09.00 - 18.00 hrs.
phuket crocodile farm
Phuket Orchid Garden & Thai Village
Cultural shows featuring skilled Thai dance from the different regions of the country, martial arts demonstrations, elephant rides and Thai dinners are all brought together at Phuket’s original cultural garden. There is also an attached orchid farm.
phuket orchid garden
Dino Park
Offers the opportunity to play mini golf within a unique environment. The mini golf course is 18 holes and features authentic scale replicas of prehistoric creatures, each hole blending with the theme and offering a different and exciting view of the prehistoric world. Players will play beside a primeval swamp, in a lava cave, beside a moving and roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex, under a 12 meter waterfall and beneath an erupting volcano - all with special lighting and sound effects.
phuket dino park
Snake Farm
If life on the beach may become a bit boring, you might want to go to a snakefarm for a change. Just like in a zoo, you will get a general idea of just how many different species of these boneless creatures exist. It is in the area, however, when excitement is at its peak. A young man shows the different snakes and a nice lady explains in her best English the different effects of the venoms. The lady tells you about the pragmatic counter measures and does away with those measures as seen in films ? la Hollywood (cut out wound, suck out venom and other nonsense).
phuket snake farm
Old Chinatown
The inner heart of Phuket Town is for the most part a "Chinatown" - the legacy of Chinese immigrants who arrived in the mid 19th century. Walking is the only way to appreciate the local Chinese heritage. Look for the fine latticework, colourful ceramic tiles and other traditional design elements in the facades along Krabi-Thalang Road and Dibuk. Sino-Portuguese mansions can also be found throughout the town. Heritage tours are now available to some of the old houses , although most are privately owned and occupied. Contact a local travel agent for details on arrival.
phuket old china town
Naga Pearl Farm
Daily pearl culturing demonstration on the pearl farm island. Overnight stays possible at bungalow resort. Open daily 09.00 -15.30. Pearl extracting show at 11.00.
naga pearl farm phuket
Phuket Fantasea
This is a unique cultural theme complex on a 140-acre land situated on Kamala Bay. It features a mixture of spectacular light and sound presentation mixed with pyrotechnics, dances, acrobatics, cultural and fantasy show. In addition, it offers a festival village with carnivals, games and handicrafts, and a marvellous restaurant serving Thai and international cuisines.
phuket fantasea show
Simon Cabaret
An evening of glitz, glamour and gorgeous 'girls!' Flamboyant sets, outrageously gorgeous costumes, snazzy dance routines. Hollywood glam at its best! An unforgettable experience.
phuket simon cabaret

Phra Thong Temple
After entering Phuket Island by Sarasin Bridge and you are on the way towards Phuket city area and at about 25 Kilometers from the bridge you will enter Thalang District. You have to turn left in order to go to WAT PHRA THONG which is about 500 meters from the main highway.

When you enter the temple's main gate, you can see the big building in front where LUANG PHO PHRA PHUT is situated inside. LUANG PHO PHRA PHUT originally was only a half body golden image (only the upper part of the body) on the ground. Then, the people built the other image covering the original one as you can see today.

One day in many years ago, the rich land filed was heavily floods with water and mud. All the trees, burhes, houses and crops were terribly destroyed by the heavy rain. It became muddy. The next day a young boy took his buffalo to this field. Usually, he was able to tie his buffalo's rope with burhes in that area, but now he could not. He had to walk round and round to look for something to tie his buffalo's rope.

Then, he walked to the bank of the river and saw a strange piece of stone covering with mud. So, he tied the rope with this stone and returned home. At home, he suddenly got sick and died later in the morning. His family and neighbors were so surprised. He was burried that day.

His father went to the field to his buffalo and again he was so surprised the second time because his buffalo was already dead. He returned and at night he dreamed that the cause of his son and buffalo's death. Because his son had tied the rope with the head of THE GOLDEN BUDDHA IMAGE.

The next day the villagers went to see this strange muddy stone. They all washed the mud out and saw that this was THE GOLDEN. The governor ordered his men to dig up the GOLDEN BUDDHA IMAGE. But they all failed in digging. They tried very hard. There many strange things occurred during the digging.

The governor ordered his men to build the big building covering The GOLDEN BUDDHA IMAGE. Thai people called " PHRA PHUT"
meaning the Buddha image coming up from the ground

Sanjao Sam San
A chinese temple Sanjao Sam San which was built in 1853, this shrine is dedicated to the 'Goddess of the Sea' who serves as the patron saint of sailors.

When a new boat is launched, a ceremony is held here to bless it. It contains some intricate carvings and has a more refined atmosphere than Put Jaw.

Chalong Temple
Chalong Temple is about 8 kms. outside town. Take Vichit Songkram Rd. to the Bypass Rd. and turn left, and drive for about 10 mines. Wat Chalong will be on your left. This is where stands the cast statue of Luang Por Cham , who helped the people of Phuket put down the Ahngyee, or Chinese Coolie, Rebellion in 1876 during the reign of Rama V. There are also statues of Luang Por Chuang , and Luang Por Gluam , other monks, who were abbots of the temple during later times, and who are the objects of respect and recipients of offerings by Phuket people generally.

Pra Nahng Sahng Temple
The grounds of this historic temple are where the Battle of Thalang took place in 1785. Inside are three very old statues wrought in tin of the Buddha, three are the largest such in the world and date from a time when tin was regarded as a semi-precious metal. The bellies of the three big statues each contain a smaller statue, from which derives their name, 'Monks in the Belly' in local vernacular , or 'The Three Kings' in formal language. Located on Thep Krasatri Rd. in Thalang Town at the traffic light.

Put Jaw Temple
This Chinese Taoist temple is the oldest in Phuket and is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy . Built over 200 years ago, it was severely damaged in a fire and renovated about 100 years ago. The main hall holds statues of the goddess and her attendants.

Jui Tui Temple
It is dedicated to Kiu Wong In, a vegetarian god . Before the altar are cakes, oranges, pineapples and other offerings from devotees.

Also on the altar are a pair of red wooden blocks made from bamboo roots and shaped like twin halves of a mango. These help you make decisions. Pose a question that requires a 'yes' or 'no' answer. Toss the blocks in the air and watch how they land on the floor. If both land with the same side up the answer is 'no'; if they land, one up and one down, the answer is 'yes'. Be sure to leave a donation at the alter. It will go towards the upkeep of the shrine.

Of particular interest at this temple are the fine carvings of guardians on the huge teak doors. Look also at the photos high on the left hand wall which shows the temple in its various incarnations.

This is the temple where many Vegetarian Festival activities take place in the fall. The one of the small service buildings on the left is parked an ornate sedan chair and a chariot on which the image of the deity is placed before it is pulled through the streets of Phuket during the Vegetarian Festival.

Phuket Sea Shell Museum
Perhaps the world's most valuable collection of seashells has been put on display at Phuket Seashell near Rawai Beach on the island's southwestern shores. the emphasis is on shells from Phuket and Thai waters, which are among the most sought-after by collectors, however shells from every part of the world are featured. Wherever they originate, each shell in the Shell Museum is the best of its type very often the only of its type. Displays have been created in a logical order, and visitors can see at once differing characteristics among related species. there are numerous rarities and freaks including the world's largest golden peal (140 karats), large sections of sedimentary rock containing shell fossils that represent the earth's earliest life-farms, and a shell that weighs 250 kilograms. One of the world's great private museums. the Shell Museum is open daily from 8:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. For details call (076) 381266 , 381274

Thalang National Museum
Ancient artifacts from Phuket's long history are on display: the oldest were found on the west coast. In addition there are exhibits detailing the famous Battle of Thalang involving the Two Heroines, daily life in Phuket, and the Sea Gipsy culture.

Phuket Rare Stones Musuem
You see art. You see life. Located at 58/34 Thepkasatree Rd., Km.5 (about 700 meters from Super Cheap Store), It is a new tourists ' attraction where you see art, and you see life.

The most enjoyable part of visiting the Phuket Rare Stones Museum is that after the brief look at all stones, you select 5-6 your most interesting ones. Spending 5-10 minutes with each of the selected stones, the picture will be floated out from the stones as you imagine.

Each stone can conjure up a different picture in each person's imagination. That is the art part. The deeper you imagine, the more you will see, and that can be the life part. Open everyday 09:00-18:00 hrs.

The Heroines Monument
At the old time, Phuket's capital was at Thalang . The famous history of the island at a primary period is when the After the Burmese sacked Ayutthaya, then the capital of Siam, in 1767, King Taksin drove out the Burmese and re-unified the country. The Burmese were bad losers, and outfitted a fleet to attack the southern provinces and carry off the populations to slavery in Burma. The Monument honors Kunying Jan and her sister Mook who were credited with the organizing the successful defense of Phuket Island against the Burmese invaders. This became Phuket's most unforgettable historic event.

To acknowledge their bravery and leadership, King Rama I conferred on Kunying Jan the honorific apellation Thao Thep Kasatri - a title of nobility usually reserved for royalty, and her sister became Thao Sri Suntorn .

The Heroines Monument was erected in the middle of the city opposite Thalang National Museum on Highway 402.

Sapan Hin
A land reclamation project provided abundant new land now used for parks and public facilities at Sapan Hin, located where Phuket Rd. meets the sea in Phuket Town. In the circle is the Tin Mining Monument , shaped like a large drill bit, dedicated to the memory of Captain Edward Thomas Miles, the Australian who brought the first tin dredge to Phuket in 1909. The was built in 1969 on the occasion of 60 th anniversary of tin dredging in Phuket. The Sport Center is located in the park.

Antique Buildings
The beginning of the tin boom during the Nineteenth Century led to construction of many fine old mansions and shops still well preserved. The architectural style, typical of the region, is described as Sino-Portuguese , and has a strongly Mediterranean character. Shops present a very narrow face on the street but stretch back along way. Many, especially on Dibuk Rd., have old wooden doors with Chinese fretwork carving. Other streets, forming what might be called 'Old Phuket', with similar structures are Phang-nga, Yaowarat, Thalang, and Krabi, and a walking tour of the area is easy and delightful. Some other old European-style buildings of note are the Provincial Hall (Sala Klang), the Phuket Courthouse (San Jahngwaht), and Nakorn Luang Thai Bank.

Sirinat National Park
Located near Phuket International Airport, the national park covers an area of 90 square kilometers. The park stretches all the way to the island's northern tip. There are a number of interesting places to visit .

King Rama IV Park
Royal Memorial Park with lovely lotus pond (in season), 800 meter running track, early morning and evening Tai Chi exercise group. Chao Fa Road, Phuket town.

Forests & Waterfalls
Khao Phra Thaew Royal Wildlife & Forest Reserve
This mountain range in the northern interior of the island protects 23 sq km of virgin island rainforest (evergreen monsoon forest). There are some nice jungle hikes in this reserve, along with a couple of naam tok (waterfalls).

Ton Sai
A small falls over which pours a great volume of water during the rainy season. The trees, watercourses, and pools nearby provide one of Phuket's loveliest scenes. The park headquarters and a small restaurant with an excellent view are also at Ton Sai.

Bang Pae
Best known now as the site of The Gibbon Fund , a Project to return domesticated gibbons to the forest and thick foliage surrounding. To get there go to the Two Heroines Monument and take the road running east.

The falls are best seen in the rainy season between June and November; in the dry months they slow to a trickle. Because of its royal status, the reserve is better protected than the average Thai national park.

A German botanist, Dr Darr, discovered a rare and unique species of palm in Khao Phra Thaew about 50 years ago. Called the white-backed palm or langkow palm, the fan-shaped plant stands 3m to 5m tall and is found only here and in Khao Sok National Park . The highest point in Khao Phra Thaew Royal Wildlife & Forest Reserve is 442m Khao Phara.

Tigers, Malayan sun bears, rhinos and elephant once roamed the forest here, but nowaday resident mammals are limited to humans, gibbons, monkey, slow loris, langur, civets, flying foxes, squirrels, mousedeer and other smaller animals. Watch out for cobras and wild pigs.

To get to Khao Phra Thaew from the provincial capital, take Thanon Thepkasatri north about 20km to the district of Thalang, and turn right at the intersection for Nam Tok Ton Sai Waterfall 3km down the road.


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