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Phi Phi Restaurants

There is a good selection of Thai and international dishes on Phi Phi Island. Great food can be found both in the hotels and on the beach under the stars. Phi Phi can cater for most tastes and the choice is ever expanding, as well as your waist line.

If you prefer International food, there are lots of restaurants in Phi Phi serving Scandinavian, Italian, and European food, in some picturesque settings.

Phi Phi has dishes from all over Thailand. Popular is the food from Southern Thailand, be careful as it is often very spicy. Other parts of Thailand contribute to the array as well as a few Chinese dishes. Seafood is the most popular of dishes, mainly because Phi Phi is an island and seafood abounds everywhere, it is very fresh, often caught only an hour or two before. If you're eating on your own or can't manage a full Thai meal with soup, dips, rice and main dish (served all at once) try some noodles like (Pad See yoo) or Khaow Pat (fried rice) These are quick, non spicy and you can add your own condiments according to taste. Below are a few suggestions to keep your mouth watering.

Eating under the stars with the moon shimmering over the water has got to be the most romantic meal location you could have. Many of Phi Phi's excellent restaurants are located right on the beach. Here you are able to dress basically how you want, unless you are dining in some of the hotel restaurants.

Local Thai restaurants offer incrediable value, with food at unbeatable prices, but choosing can be difficult. Some have menus in English, others don't. If you're not the adventurous type when it comes to food, you can try some of the nearby accommodation and hotel complexes who have their own restaurants which cater to both Thai and western tastes.

The local street vendors sell everything from pancakes to fried bananas. Check cleanliness and simply buy fried food cooked on the spot. If you want to know more about what to eat, see below!
A very useful phrase... If you don't like spicy food, you can say "Mai Pet" (which means "not spicy") If you don't use this phrase, you may be served local Thai style, which in southern Thailand, means very hot!!!
Remember Thai food is eaten with a spoon and fork.
Check out our Thai food section for more info on food!

How about these for Breakfast

Try Khanom Cheen, a popular Chinese breakfast of white rice noodles covered with a spicy fish curry and served with plate of fresh vegetables and herbs.
For Lunch

Hmm! steamed mussels fresh from the ocean with basil, garlic and chilli.
Som Tam (Papaya salad) Affectionately known as " Papaya Pok Pok" this spicy salad originally from the northeast, is now a national favourite. Made from sliced green papaya, peanuts, dried shrimp, and raw vegetables, it's usually eaten as with sticky rice and fresh grilled chicken. Very tasty but spicy, so ask the cook to make it "my pet" (not spicy) if you don't want it too hot!

Khao Mok Gai

(fragrant yellow rice served with chicken) A Muslim speciality consisting of roast chicken on a bed of saffron rice, mixed with ginger and lightly fried garlic. Not spicy, but accompanied by an optional sweet sweet hot sauce.

Phat Thai

Stir fry noodles with either shrimp, chicken or tofu and vegetable in season and topped with roasted peanuts. Accompanied by condiments such as sour pickle, chilli, sugar and limes. A great lunch dish.
Fish-Anytime. Always fresh. Try fish in 3 tastes, barbecued fish with dips, grilled fish, or fish with garlic and ginger.

Tom Yam Gung

Thailand's internationally famous shrimp soup......Good at any time. There are many varieties of the Tom Yam including an excellent vegetarian version.
Geng Som - A southern Thai speciality - curry soup with an unusual sour taste and Geng Keowan - a green curry which always tastes good.

Useful tips

Thais don't eat with chopsticks, except for certain dishes, usually of Chinese origin. They eat with a spoon and fork, especially useful for rice!
The phrase "my pet" means not spicy. A very useful phrase when you are ordering Thai food!

International Food

Thais are very good at adapting other dishes from different countries, and with the increase in tourism there's a better knowledge of European food and cooking methods. In the upmarket hotel restaurants you are not likely to be disappointed in your choice. Don't however, expect great European food at the local restaurant down the road or on the beach. The taste will definitely be different from what you're used to, apart from basics like European and American breakfast.

What to Drink?

Beer - goes well with Thai food. Local beers include Beer Chang and Singha - both have claimed heavy hangovers on past visitors. International and the occasional American beer is also available. Wine is relatively expensive. Good wines are can be found in the hotels.
Tap water is NOT safe for drinking. Drink only bottled water or from a flask supplied by the hotel. Water provided in restaurants is safe for drinking,
Ice - Ice cubes in drinks are generally safe, especially in the large international hotels. However avoid all shaved or crushed ice, particularly from roadside fruit vendors.

Thai Fruit

Thais traditionally finish a meal with fruit and save the sweeter Thai desserts for snacking between meals. Many tropical fruits are grown on Phuket. pineapple, rambutan, a cute, small red oval fruit with hair, bananas, papaya and many tropical fruits. Papaya is also eaten green, and a major ingredient in Som Tam (papaya salad). Durian is perhaps the king of tropical fruits, but many find the smell offensive. Guava, similar to an apple, and green mango are eaten dipped into a sugar, salt, chilli mix. Mango the national fruit, is delicious, but generally only available between January to June. One last note, eating fruit also helps take out the fire of some of the more spicy dishes of Thai food!

Thai Desserts

Normally very sweet, Thai desserts form a balance at the end of a meal. Ingredients like coconut, and vegetables, such as beans, or pumpkin are used inventively in the Asian way, accompanied by shaved ice, sweetened coconut milk and palm syrup. Check out our Thai desserts section for more info on food!


Hotel restaurants

There are too many to list! Good reports from:

Palm Beach Travel Lodge - Probably has the best wine cellar on Phi Phi island.

Jungle Bar - Cabana Hotel. Relaxed, and has the best view on the island with equally good daytime food.

PP Princess- Nice informal atmosphere.

Phi Phi Banyan Restaurant - Extensive seafood menu.


Le Grand Blue- Stylish, and right next to Phi Phi Hotel and 20 meters from the pier serves a classic mixture of French, Thai with fusion aspects. The menu is not extensive but what they do they do extremely well. Good World wines at very affordable prices.

Fatties - Proud strong quality German European cooking in a large open tavern environment. Superb bears from Germany makes this a big favourite with resident PADI dive instructors. Try the locally steamed sausage. Bar B Q Night is Friday.

HC Andersons - Scandinavian favourite. Steakhouse run by Matts from Denmark, serving a tremendous selection of international favorites such as Sirloin steak, Greek kebabs, Mexican nachos and it's famous Scandinavian Meat Balls.

Amicos - Italian food on the beach with a view of the harbour.

Le Patisserie - Belgian bakery breads and croissants.

Thai Favourites

Ja Soh's, in Tonsai - local curries for breakfast! Also serves traditional Thai desserts.

Captain Pongs. Close to the jetty. Fried noodles (pat-see-yoo) and fried rice (khaow pat)
Thai Bird Seafood Simple and inexpensive.

Noi's Curry house (next to the Phi Phi Hotel) serves up local spicy curries daily.

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