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I like to tell my visitors to this site what a place is really like. So having just got back from Pattaya here's my feedback. Pattaya is a sprawling mess of bars and clubs and restaurants. The pace of expansion is amazing with no real plan of where everything will go. The growth rate must be around 20%.

BUT! Pattaya has something for every type of traveller whatever their budgets. A great place to have fun, bars, clubs and a feast of restaurants make it popular. Pattaya lacks any real charm and is a little dirty, but you can't have everything. The beaches are very poor when compared to the rest of Thailand, but the local government is working hard on upgrading everything. I recommend Pattaya for a few days holiday before going off to somewhere like Phuket for a real beach holiday. Hotels offer good value and also the range and price of food is very good.

Pattaya is situated along a bay on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 2 hours from Bangkok. Pattaya has grown from a small fishing village in the early 1960's, to one of Asia's favorite vacation cities. A fascinating place where tourists, holiday makers and vacationers from around the world can unwind and relax.

Unlike other beach resorts, where natural surroundings are used as magnets to attract tourists, Pattaya makes an all-out attempt to provide the best of everything (it does it very well).

Here, everything means everything a tourist can imagine while on holiday: recreation, entertainment, sports, sightseeing and fun. In simple terms Pattaya is a paradise for everyone, as it has a variety of attractions suitable for all types of visitors. It is easy to fill you day, from dusk to dawn, with endless activities, or you may choose to do nothing at all and relax.

Pattaya currently combines the delights of a 1st class beach resort, city-like dining, shopping and night entertainment facilities with more than 300 assorted hotels, thousands of shops, restaurants and bars. In addition, there are an range of sports and recreational activities including beaches, golf courses, tennis courts, go-karts, gyms for working out, weight lifting and Thai-boxing gear. Pattaya offers a broad range of things to do. During the day, you are able to go riding elephants or driving low power automatic mini-bikes, to monstrous motorcycles, or even monster multicolored convertible Jeeps. You might like to go shooting firearms, scuba diving and surfing, deep-sea fishing, speed boating, water-skiing, parasailing, or aerial sports such as gliding ultra-lights and flying motor-propelled gliders, its all available in Pattaya. On the other hand, at night, there are restaurants, bars, theaters, cabaret shows, night clubs, bowling halls, billiard & snooker clubs, exotic erotic shows, discos, sauna & massage parlors, not to forget its incredible shopping which is available non-stop both day-and-night. One note Pattaya's beaches are not that nice, so if are a beach person, try visiting some of the off shore islands or even try combining a pattaya holiday with another resort (That's my view anyway).

Explore this website, and find out all about Pattaya and the rest of Thailand. Enjoy!

Pattaya Visitor Reviews

Steve 25/11/2007

ENERGY: I have been to Thailand quite a few times.. and each time I am attracted by the energy level in this country especially in Pattaya. This place swarms with so many tourists, bars, restuarants, shopping enters.. Its the greatest place on earth.
Although Pattaya beach is not the best, you should take a trip to the nearby Koh Lan Island clear blue water, white sand, superb seafood. Its the ultimate..
Great selection of adverture sports.. bungee jumping, diving to see the corals, jet ski, parasailing.. Its totally cool..
Pattaya is a must go for everyone. Enjoy!


Trevor & Tasmin 21/08/2007

TIGER ZOO: There were 2 adults 1 child and we had an enjoyable day with a fantasic lunch included. My son was able to hatch his own crocodile, something a little bit different to tell the grandparents. All the animals seemed to be well cared for, and did not look neglected at all. It was really strange to see a pen containing a tiger feeding a piglet & vice versa.(this is Thailand) Shows were very good, overall we had an enjoyable time

Worth a visit



Tony & Friends 3/08/2007

HAPPENING PLACE: We have heard so many stories about Pattaya that we decided to take a weeks holiday there. IT WAS OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!! I just have to return, the people there are so cool, and the women are really great. This place is an ugly mans dream and a good looking mans playground!!!.

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