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Krabi Weather

Krabi's weather is almost the same as Phuket with average temperatures around 75ºF to 89ºF (24ºC to 32ºC) year round.

The best time to visit Krabi is from November to March when humidity and temperatures average 28C and cool breezes keep things comfortable.

The hottest time is April - May, with temperatures ranging from 80ºF to 95ºF (27ºC up to 36ºC). There are frequent short heavy thundery showers, offering welcome relief from the high temperature and humidity.

Locals enjoy June, July and August, since the weather is usually fine and most of the usual haunts remain uncrowded. The usual pattern is brief but heavy showers, with plenty of sunshine between downpours. Everything is a little less expensive at this time of year, as well. Temperatures range between 70ºF and 90ºF (20ºC to 33ºC).

During September and early October it is a good idea to remember your umbrellas. The one bright point to this time of year is that the beaches, outdoor restaurants and streets are relatively uncluttered by visitors. And even at this time, you still get long intervals of sunshine between the heavy showers. There are also lots of low season activities, both water and land based, offer themselves in Krabi during this wettest part of the summer season.


Krabi Average Highs & Lows (°C)

krabi temperature

Krabi Rainfall

krabi rainfall

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