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Krabi Overview

Situated along the Andaman coast, in southern Thailand, Krabi is one of Thailand's most beautiful places to viist. Almost midway between Phuket (3 hours drive) and Samui Island (around 2 hours drive to the Samui ferry terminal) with perfect beaches and a stunning interior.

Krabi province is famous for its great natural beauty, characterised by the limestone "karst" scenery that can be seen throughout the entire area. Words can't fully describe the view.


The coastline is nearly 160 kilometres long, and is dotted with bays, coves and towering outcrops of limestone mountains rising up from the sea, creating an interesting seascape of tropical islands. As you move inland, the limestone mountains support a rich bio-diversity of animal and plant life.

Predominantly, it's an agricultural area, with sandy clay soil conditions which are perfect for producing rubber, palm oil, fruit, coconuts and coffee. Rubber is the main cash crop grown with over 750,000 rai being under cultivation for this purpose. Palm oil is, followed by coconuts.

However, with wonderful natural attractions like tropical islands, palm edged beaches, forest waterfalls and caves attracting more and more sunseeking, adventure-bound tourists, Krabi has begun to earn a substantial income from its tourism industry.

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The Coastline
It's estimated that the Krabi coastline contains over 200 limestone and jungle covered islands. Many are uninhabited outcrops rising from the sea with tiny patches of pristine white sandy beaches.

Much of Krabi's coastline is dotted with little coves and mangroves which form a unique eco-system and serve as a natural breeding ground for diverse aquatic life. Krabi's beaches are gradually opening out to tourism, although care is being taken to ensure management of the environment.

Luckily Hotels and development is being kept low rise, and as such many hotels are being designed to blend in with the surroundings. There are few deckchairs and building directly on the beach has been kept to a minimum in most resort areas.

Fishing is widely carried out along the coastline and on most larger islands, and although traditional methods are still in use, modern trawling techniques are threatening numbers and the industry. Shrimp and cockle farming has been a high growth industry since the early 1990's, and there is also a flourishing grouper farming industry.

The Interior
Bordered by Phang Nga and Suratthani provinces, the interior of Krabi province presents a landscape of weirdly shaped limestone mountains, separated by flat valley floors with rubber and oil palm plantations.

There are many unusual cave systems in the rocks resulting in large caverns and tunnels. Some of the larger caverns have been made into Buddhist temples or shrines and others have revealed evidence of human habitation from over 43,000 years ago.

Location & Area
This coastal province on the Andaman seaboard is 814 kilometres south of Bangkok, covering an area of 4,709 It adjoins Phang-nga and Surat Thani on the North; Trang and the Andaman Sea on the South; Trang and Nakhon Si Thammarat on the East; and Phang-nga and the Andaman Sea on the West.

Due to the influence of the tropical monsoon, there are only two seasons in this province; the hot season from January to April and the rainy season from May to December. Temperatures range between 17 °C and 37 °C

Krabi's topography is mostly mountains and highlands alternated with plains in some parts. The provincial administration also covers more than 130 islands in the Andaman Sea. The sandy soil conditions are suitable for growing various agricultural products, particularly rubber trees, palms, coconuts, cashew nuts and coffee. The Krabi River flows 5 kilometres through the city and joins the Andaman at Pak Nam Sub-district. There are several streams which originate from the province's highest mountain range, Khao Phanom Bencha.

395,665 (end 2005) with 198,713 males and 196,952 females.

**Note** The total population includes only permanent residents.

Krabi is divided into 8 counties (amphoes): Muang, Khao Phanom, Khlong Thom, Plai Phraya, Ko Lanta, Au Luek, Lam Thap and Nua Khlong.


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