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Koh Samet

Koh Samet
is a small beautiful idyllic island (often refered to as crystal island) with superb beaches and a relaxed chilled out atmosphere. Around 200km from Bangkok make Koh Samet Island both easy and affordable to get to. Taking about 3-4 hours total travelling time from Bangkok, or 2 hours from Pattaya. Another plus point for going to Koh Samet is the cost of getting there. Buses from Ekamai bus terminal cost about 135 baht and the boat fare starts around 50 baht. Check out our Getting There section for more info!

The Thai word Koh means island, and Samet is tree that grows in large quantities all over the island, and famed for its bark which is used both in traditional medicine and for boat building.

koh samet

Its beautiful beaches especially in the north-east of the island have been described as having the "whitest finest sand" in Thailand. In 1981 Koh Samet was given national park status when it joined the Khao Laem Ya National Park. It has great natural beauty, secluded beaches and a lush rich interior. It is also the home to spectacular wildlife such as monkeys, hornbills, gibbons and exotic butterflies.

In the early 1970's Koh Samet was 'discovered' by Thai teenagers and young couples looking for a weekend place to go not too far from the Bangkok. Recently its popularity has increased with overseas tourists joining the locals in search of a tropical paradise. There are many really nice resorts and cozy bungalows on most of Koh Samet's beaches and you can easily book them from this website. Electricity is now available 24 hours a day, and resorts offer TV and air-conditioning. Camping is still popular on the more secluded beaches, but bring your own tents!

The eastern side of Koh Samet consists of wide open bays with pure white sand. The biggest and most popular is Hat Sai Kaew - known to westerners as Diamond Beach, is the closest to the mainland. The mile long sweep of bay has wide sand backed by palm trees, and on the promotory is a temple with a large Buddha statue. This beach is popular with day trippers, and with those staying for several nights. It is next to the small fishing village and several shops and restuarants. But it's sand is perfect, with a consistency like fine talculm powder and squeaks underfoot. The water is shallow and warm, and almost crystal clear.
As you walk south along the narrow path linking the bays, you will come to bay after bay, all slightly different and perfect in their own way. The sand is dappled with fallen leaves and at the water line you sometimes find strange fish. You are able to sit for hours on these beaches, listening to the breeze in the trees, the soft murmur of the waves, and watch fish jumping. Koh Samet is a place where you can really unwind and relax.

The National Park Entry Fee
Is something that really bothers visitors to Koh Samet. All non-Thais are charged a fee to basically enter the island. Now normally most people don't worry about this, but because the typical tourist pays ten times the local Thai person and the fact that the park has been over-developed and largely trashed by developers make it a bit of a joke. Worse, this entry fee has recently been increased to 400B per person for non-Thais (Thais pay only one-tenth that amount). In the past, it was possible to avoid paying this fee by arriving on the island at places other than Nadan or Ao Wong Deun. However, proactive rangers now meet arriving boats at almost every location to collect this fee. (Thais are not as dumb as they look!)

Explore this website, and find out all about Koh Samet (Ko Samet) and the rest of Thailand. Enjoy Koh Samet.
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Koh Samet Visitor Reviews

Paul 13/09/2007

Relaxing is the ultimate


Heather 28/08/2007

Koh Samet, located in the Phe District of Rayong, is known as an Island Paradise of Thailand. The most important feature of Koh Samet is in the fact that the island offers a tranquil relaxed atmosphere mixed with powdery white sandy beaches and blue crystalline clear sea-water. It's difficult to believe this beautiful paradise is just the backyard of Bangkok!

It's located somewhere on the east coast of Thailand with a 4 to 5 hours(175 kilometers) travel time by bus from Bangkok. If you are lucky and the bus driver puts his foot down it will only take about 4 hr. In order to get to Koh Samet you need to catch the boat or ferry. The boat rides takes about 30 minutes. And from the Koh Samet pier there are several pick-up tracks of 50baht/person to the resort you're going to!

Well, we had a fantastic time! The weekend was worth it as it really is a PARADISE! Try it!



Pedro 18/07/2007

When you visit Koh Samet you should try SungSum Buckets! every single night many of the bars have a happy hour ot two and the buckets go for 100 Baht per piece. Inside the bucket is Sang Sum a kind of Thai whisky, a little bottle of red bull, and the rest is coke. I have heard and read that on other islands around thailand the buckets arent strong at all. Then I heard that on Ko Samet that they are much better, and after trying them out I agree, they really do poor a lot of booze into them. Two buckets was my limit after trying three the first night I spent on the island. If it's not happy hour the buckets go from 150-200 Baht depending on the bar. You can also get other kind of buckets for a higher price, SangSum buckets are the cheapest. Western drinks as buckets are also available for a little higher price, anywhere from 250-280 Baht.



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