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Koh Samet Overview

Ko Samet (or Koh Samet) is one of the most important national parks in Thailand. This island contributes to the great natural beauty of the Rayong province, and yet it is not so far from Pattaya or Bangkok. But the close distance is probably the only thing this island has in common with the other two. Ko Samet has fabulous clean beaches but a minimum of night life, bars and discotheques.

The island is located about six kilometers from the Rayong mainland and the Ko Samet beaches are among the best in Thailand. (see beach section)
ko samet thailand
The most well-known beaches on Samet are Hat Sai Kaew, Ao Phai, Ao Vong Duan, Ao Wai and Ao Kui Na Nok on the East coast and Ao Prao on the West coast. Many of these beaches have sand that is so fine and white, it is almost like baking powder. There are many lovely resorts and cozy bungalows on most of Koh Samet's beaches and you can easily book many of them from this website.

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