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Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island is the main focal point of an island chain located in a national marine park. Ko Chang is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket, measuring some 30km long by about 8km wide. But unlike Phuket or Koh Samui it hasn't been over developed. Although a very large Island it has quite a small population. But that's what makes it nice.

The west coast has the most beautiful beaches and is the more developed of Ko Chang's beach areas. The beaches on Koh Chang are large and don't get too busy. The number one beach is Hat Sai Khao (white sand beach) I can confirm it is nice, as I have been there.

koh chang thailand

As for the other beaches there is Hat Kai Bae, very similar to Hat Sai Khao. If you are a backpacker try Hat Tha Nam often called lonely beach, this is popular because it has a good range of inexpensive hotels and beach huts. It is also the main partybeach on the island. If you are seeking something a bit more laid back try Ao Bai Lan or even the larger beach of Hat Khlong Phrao.

The main resort areas of Koh Chang have internet, atm's, small banks actually everything you really need for a good holiday. From my experience try to book a hotel that is close or even in the main resort / beach areas. Koh chang is a big place and there is really nothing between these key areas. During holidays the resorts get filled up quickly, so book well in advance and check our Thailand national holiday section for local ones. (here)

Koh Chang really started to develop into a true mainstream holiday destination in early 2001, and a massive amount of money has poured into it since then. It is a mountainous island so good roads have been built, and quite a few high quality resorts have popped up around the island.

The great beaches, impressive waterfalls & stunning scenery together with a choice of accommodation & entertainment that ranges from basic to luxury ensure that there will be something of interest to visitors on all budgets. Activities include diving, water sports & snorkeling, hill trekking, elephant jungle trekking & exploring the islands by kayak, cycle, car & motorbike (take care).

There are interesting local villages to visit & boat trips are available to explore or stay at other islands in the group. Whatever your choice of destination we hope that this guide gives you all the information that you need & wish you an enjoyable visit.


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