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Koh Chang Kai Bae

Kai Bae Beach (Had Kai Bae) is situated south of Khlong Prao Beach. It is an almost 2.5 kilometre-long beautiful sand beach, which is partially lined by over-hanging palms and broad-leaved trees. The bay is divided into 3 sections:
The northern and the middle are both about 1 kilometre long, while the southernmost, directly in front of Koh Man Nai, is approximately 300 metres long.
kai bae ko chang

Like all beaches on the west coast Kai Bae Beach is flat, great for families, but nevertheless all the time suitable for bathing. In the dryer months, at low tide you will need to wade out about 50-100 metres to the deeper waters. Four islands, Koh Yuak, Koh Pli, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai, are idyllically placed in the bay. At low-tide Koh Man Nai can be reached by foot.

The road is a short distance from the beach and rises at the southern end steeply, where the jungle-covered mountains almost meet the ocean. In Kai Bae village (Baan Kai Bae) a few small bars and restaurants, gas stations, shops, supermarkets and Internet cafés are located.

Also in Baan Kai Bae is the Ko-Chang-Nursing-Center. Tel. 01- 862 78 25, opening-hours: Daily. 5.00 pm - 9.00 pm, during Thai holidays and on long weekends from 8.00 am - 9.00 pm.
At the southern end of the road towards Bang Bao Bay is a viewpoint directly by the side of the road, this offers a fantastic view over Kai Bae Beach and Khlong Prao Beach all the way to the mountains behind White Sand Beach.

kai bae beach koh chang Arrival & Departure:
Kai Bae Beach can be reached from the piers in approximately 45 minutes by taxi for 40 Baht. If you have advanced bookings you should tell the taxi driver the name of the resort or the hotel, otherwise you can get the driver to stop anywhere you want by knocking on the car-body.
The departure times of the taxis to Dan-Kao-Pier are subject to seasonal change, so check in advance.

There is accommodation everywhere on Kai Bae Beach.


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