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Ko Chang Beaches

White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao) - more info!
As the name implies, this is a long beach of powdery white sand. The beach slopes gently into the sea and is very wide during low tide attracting hordes of visitors, especially in the evening, when it transforms into a playground. Regular football and volleyball games are played as the sun sets right off its shore. At night the Koh Chang Lagoon Resort, Best Garden Resort, Ban Pu Koh Chang and some other resorts serve dinner alfresco with sumptuous barbecue on the beach. There are many bungalow resorts of reasonable prices here. The main road runs pass all the resorts, shops, restaurants, pubs and coconut groves.

white sand beach koh chang

klong prao beach koh chang thailand

Klong Prao Beach - more info!
This is another long sandy beach. At the northernmost part of the beach is the rocky Laem Chaiyachet or Chaiyachet Cape which is an ideal site to watch the magnificent sunset or the sunrise above the southern hills of Bang Bao. Laem Chaiyachet is a favourite on-shore fishing ground. A fishing pier is erected near the cape which is also a great viewpoint for the whole of Klong Prao Bay.
Kai Bae Beach - more info!
This is a beach of scenic beauty where you can see the sunset and a few islands, some so close and tempting you feel like taking a canoe across. Of special interest may be the Koh Man Nai which is very near the Sea View Resort. During the low tide Koh Man Nai reveals it picturesque beach and you can walk to the island at chest-deep water level. Boats, canoes, sea-kayaks and dive shops are ready for your exploration. Although serviced by more than 10 bungalow resorts and the more leisurely Sea View Resort, accommodation can be hard to get. In the late afternoon villages can be seen walking on the shallow seabed scooping up tiny shrimps called “Khei” which is the main ingredient for shrimp paste. Air-conditioned and fanned bungalows are available.

kai bae beach koh chang thailand



bang bao beach koh chang

Bang Bao Beach - more info!
The beach at Bang Bao has clear waters with rocks and corals off its shores. A good place to fish, snorkel and swim. Getting to Bang Bao is a challenging task as the road from Kai Bae is steep and winding. Located east of Koh Chang, this is a beach of rock and mud. It is the location of the Marine National Park Office, close to the Than Mayom Waterfall. The Than Mayom Resort is the only resort here.
KLONG SON BEACH and Khor Khao Khard Bay
Situated northwest of Koh Chang, this is the first beach as you disembark and head west of the island. Had Klong Son is a wide beach with plenty of coconut trees. The Premwadi Resort has a pier suitable for fishing and a powdery beach safe for swimming. Klong Son now boasts of the newly open 5-star Aiyapura Resort & Spa. This is a luxury resort with all the 5-star amenities and facilities set in a natural environment.
klong son koh chang

Nearby Islands

The Koh Chang Marine National Park is comprised of 52 islands, all of which are least exposed and best preserved in nature. Rich in rainforests, well-laden with colourful corals, abundantly stocked with healthy marine lives, encompassed by spectacular coastlines, gorgeous landscape, pristine beaches and crystal clear sea, a visit to these islands is a journey back to nature. Fresh, tranquil and laid-back, these islands are most worthy of a holiday.

However, only 10 of these islands are facilitated with accommodation which range from the very basic thatched roof huts of USD 10 a room-night to the more luxurious and sophisticated properties that can cost as much as USD 100 a room-night. There are also many island resorts that accept only package tours of full board groups because of its exclusiveness and distance from the mainland. These are well-preferred by those who love isolations. They include boat transfers, full meals, some with side trips and usually at least 2 nights accommodation. Most of the islands have limited or no development at all. Many of them are uninhabited.

The following are some of the best favoured islands off the main island of Koh Chang beginning from the north, west and then south of Koh Chang.Most visitors come to Amphoe Laem Ngob where there are 2 piers namely Laem Ngob and Ko Chang Centre Point, offering daily boat services to islands such as Ko Mak, Ko Wai, and Ko Kham. Tourist spots in Ko Chang and other groups of islands.

Koh Kood - more info!
Koh Kood's landscape is quite similar to Koh Chang but less populated and less developed.
koh kood koh chang thailand
koh mak ko chang thailand Ko Mak (Koh Muk) - more info!
This is a large island to the south of Ko Chang that is blessed with several beautiful bays and beaches and coral reefs nearby that are still in perfect condition. The islanders make their living by growing rubber and coconut trees. The best time to visit is from November until late April. There are a number of accommodations and tourist facilities available. A passenger boat departs Laem Ngob daily at 3.00 p.m. and returns from Ko Mak at 7.00 a.m., traveling time is 3.5 hours.

Ko Chang Noi
Ko Chang Noi and Laem Chang Noi lie to the north of Ko Chang. The sea between Ko Chang Noi and Laem Chang Noi is abundant with corals.

Ko Kham
This island is located near Ko Mak and is endowed with natural wonders such as crystal clear seas, sandy beaches, coral reefs and most importantly, tranquility and privacy. Ideal for swimming and diving, the trip to Ko Kham from Laem Ngob takes 2.5 hours.

Ko Klum
Like Ko Chang, this is an island of historical significance during the Thai-French Naval Battle in 1941. Attractions on the island include the stone yard landscape and fishing activities.

Ko Kradat
This island is situated to the northeast away from Ko Mak. In the past, the area had an abundance of Kradad trees (paper trees); hence, the name of the island. This island is notable for the fact that it is the only island in Thailand to be issued a land title deed during the period of King Rama V as a measure to protect the island from French colonization. Ko Kradad is famous for its white long sandy beach and wonderful coral reefs.

Ko Laoya
This wonderful island which is less than 1 kilometer long and 300 meters wide with beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water and colorful corals lies about 3 kilometers west of the southeastern end of Ko Chang. Ko Laoya forms an island group with Ko Laoya Klang and Ko Laoya Nok and is connected to Ko Laoya Klang by a wooden bridge. Travel time from Laem Ngob to the island takes about 2.5 hours and only chartered boats can reach the island. Accommodation is available but must be reserved well in advance.

Ko Ngam
This island is situated southeast of Ko Chang and is comprised of twin mountains linked by huge rocks with a huge sand knoll at the middle. The little bay formed by the lines of the mountain stretching into the sea makes the island a splendid and serene site worth visiting. Accommodations are available.

Ko Phrao
This island situated in front of Salak Petch Bay has clean and calm seas, and is cool and shady with coconut trees. Travel time from Laem Ngob is two hours. Accommodations are available on the island.

Ko Rang
This small island at the west of Ko Mak does not have enough flat area suitable for setting up of any resorts and bungalows. However, Ko Rung is well known as the location for its bird's nest concessions, sea turtle eggs and bat's dung. The main attractions at the island are the stone knolls and the magnificent deep-sea corals.

Ko Wai
This big island, which a part of Ko Chang National Park and is situated next to Ko Laoya, has stone laden beaches. However, Ko Wai is famous for its coral and is also the best place for fishing and swimming. As for accommodations, Ko Wai Pakarung Resort is ready to serve tourists.


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