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Ko Chang Bars

Bars & Nightlife
Koh Chang nightlife and Bar scene is constantly developing, while it's nothing like Bangkok or Pattaya, there are a number of nice bars and restaurants to enjoy yourself at. If it's a full on full moon experience you're after, heading to the islands south, rather than east, of Bangkok is a better bet. 

There's a couple of nightspots that fall into the 'nightclub' category - Sky Bay Pub on Pearl Beach - which caters for a 99% Thai crowd and the newly opened 'Backsound' club on Lonely Beach - which caters for a 99% farang backpacker crowd who still haven't realised than dance music is dead.  Elsewhere you'll find plenty of bars which will stay open until the last customer leaves or passes out, whichever is sooner.


beer bar koh chang thailand

Five Star Saloon

The Five Star Saloon is set feature some stunning girls and hosting live bands playing everything from contemporary rock and blues to '60s favourites and jazz.

Skybay Pub
The Skybay Pub in Pearl Beach (Hat Kai Mook) is a relatively new nightclub playing Thai music. It has a wicked sound system and a very tight, professional band with both male and female singers. Its has a traditionally local layout in that there is very little dance space but is nevertheless a good venue.

KC Bar
A great place to checkout is the KC Bar. I went there around 10pm and the place was almost full. This place has a bar, a dance floor and all the tables are on the beach. The dance floor was filled up when it was past midnight.. The music..hmm I would say it was ok at first then it got terrible... For half night, the music was like hip hop and mainstream.. then somehow it was changed to some sleazy pop dance from like ages ago... It kinda ruined the mood...but when you got a buzz, you could have fun anyway.

Angel Bar

Ok so this isnt a nightclub, its a small bar run by 3 lovely thai women who greet you like Charlies Angels (the soundtrack was on when i arrived). I was told to go there, and that they were really nice. Its basically just a small bamboo hut with a few stools around it but as soon as I sat down the women got out jenga and connect 4. I was there the next night from 9pm to 1am just playing jenga , conect 4 and talking. They have few drinks on sale but it was the atmosphere I liked, and it showed you dont need much at all to enjoy yourself.

Mankeyto Bar
Mankeyto Bar is located in White Sand Beach. Its an open-air beer bar that plays some of the best music in Haad Sai Khoa. I went there on my first night and went back everynight because of the staff. The staff are very friendly and they make you feel at home.

Some of the ladies are very good pool players, so if you want a challenge, then by all means, head over there. What I really like about Mankeyto, is that theres no smelly, pot-smoking backpackers. If you want a really good night out with your wife, girlfriend or on your own, go to Mankeyto Bar in White Sand Beach.

White Sands Beach (Had Sai Khao)
Sfizioso Excellent Italian pasta bar
Earthlinks Coffee bar
Jinda Resort Restaurant/bar
15 Palms Beach restaurant/bar
KC Beach bar
Oodie's Place Live music bar
Sabay Beach bar
Sawatdee Thai Thai-style caf?
Tantawan Thai Beach bar/restaurant
Thor's Palace Beach restaurant/bar
Tiger's Den Beach bar
Tongsai Thai Restaurant/Bar
Villa Koh Chang Italian restaurant
Klong Prao Beach
Wan Dee Thai restaurant
Magic Pub Thai restaurant
Baan Chang Thai restaurant
Kai Bae Beach
Comfortable Bar Thai bar/restaurant
Porn's Thai beach bar/restaurant
Taxi Stop Thai bar
Rainbow Restaurant/bar
KB Garden Thai restaurant/bar
The Joker European bar
Piggy's Vegetarian restaurant

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