Diving in Thailand Overview

Scuba diving is Thailand's most popular water sport, and it's an experience you cannot forget. With magical apparatus allowing you to breathe underwater, a whole new universe opens up to you. Some of the most extravagantly beautiful creatures in creation await you in this weightless, watery world. Explore brilliantly-coloured coral reefs and be dazzled by fish of a thousand hues. Expect close encounters with giant barracuda, manta rays, sea cows and even sharks!

Thailand is the centre for scuba diving in Southeast Asia. Thousands of people learn to dive in Thailand every year and become avid divers for life. There are world-class locations for every level of expertise and scores of professional. Well-established dive shops are located all over the southern peninsula. Diving in Thailand is competitively priced, and once you have achieved your certification in Thailand, you can use it to go scuba diving all over the world.

Diving is available at all times of the year, although visibility changes according to the season. In the Andaman Sea the best time to dive is from October to April,  and in the Gulf of Thailand from May to September — in other words, first-class diving all year round! All reputable dive shops are affiliated with PADI or other international dive bodies, and most hold courses in multiple languages.
All over Thailand, you can expect modern amenities, international-standard boats and professional facilities. Click on one of the destinations at the top for more information on scuba diving in Thailand.
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