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Chiang Mai Trekking

Chiang Mai is classed as Thailand's second capital with about 260,000 people, but comparing it to the hussle and bussle on Bangkok would be a mistake. Life runs at a different pace here. People don't seem to hurry, and people are generally far more laid back. The last few years Chiang Mai has been developing at a fast rate, mostly due to tourism. Like most cities this does bring a few problems, like extra traffic and pollution, however, Chiang Mai has in most cases handled this well.

The oldest part of Chaing Mai is set within a square 1.5km moat, and fortunatly retained many of it's orginal features, including traditional wooden houses, and quiet gardens to name but a few. The main tourist attractions are the wonderful ornate temples, where you can mingle with the monks as they go about their daily business, and the shopping. Due to Chaing Mai's location, there is an abundance of Thai handicrafts produced locally from the villages surrounding Chiang Mai.

Many visitors to Chiang Mai are finding that it is also a good place to go back to school. Yes that's right. Different schools have sprung up offering cookery, massage, weight loss, training and treatment courses.

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If that all seems to relaxing for you, a journey to the mountain of Doi Suthep. There you can find the sacred temple, and enjoy the views stretching over the Ping river into the distance. Treking or mountain bike riding is also very popular.

Day trips can be arranged to visit many of the other attractions that Chiang Mai offers. See our things to do section HERE!

Overall Chiang Mai is far less crowded than many of the other cities in Thailand, a factor contributing to this is that the city is laid out over a vast plain intermingled with waterways or canals. Yes, you have the busy modern shopping areas, but you also have the quieter areas. It is easy to plan to stay for a few days but often people are so engrossed by what Chiang Mai has to offer that they end up staying for a week.

Explore this website, and find out all about Chiang Mai and the rest of Thailand. Enjoy Chiang Mai.
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